EfM seeks new discipleship groups in our diocese

Rev Jean Malcolm tells us that despite having been on our shores for 40 years, EfM is a discipleship tool that has undergone a transformation.  She tells us that there is a keenness to establish more discipleship groups – done the EfM way – in our diocese, and as such, is seeking new trainees to become mentors.

She says: “Exploring faith Matters, Education for Ministry, whatever translation of those three small letters we might use, the resource that is EfM provides a great way to deepen faith, to create a personal discipline for living out the gospel intentionally, and to build communities of support with whom to do this.”
Jean even suggests that those who have experienced EfM in days gone by might consider doing it again – given the changes that have occurred.  “Feel free to enquire with one of us if you haven’t yet met the EfM way of doing discipleship.  You’ll enjoy the way that it has developed to stay relevant for living faithfully in 21st century Aotearoa,” Jean says.
If you would like to contact Jean, email her on jean@stpetersonwillis.org.nz.  More information is available at movementonline.org.nz/efm.
Facilitator training: the next training occurs in Feilding on the 31st May and 1st of June.  Go to the webpage to register.