An Opportunity to Help Vulnerable Children in the Greater Wellington Region

An Opportunity to Help Vulnerable Children in the Greater Wellington Region

Child, Youth and Family are looking for foster carers who can open their hearts and homes to children—from newborns to 17 year olds.  There is currently a desperate need for foster carers in the greater Wellington region.  With only a handful of non-whanau caregivers around Wellington, Child, Youth and Family need to enlarge the caregiver pool.

They are seeking amazing people—individuals, couples, families with grownup children and/or supportive flatmates—to open their homes to children and young people.

A couple examples of the need:

  • Paul is a 13 year old Maori/Samoan boy who needs to find somewhere to call home – Paul loves to ride his scooter and wants to learn how to play the guitar
  • Sally, who loves to sing, needed to be removed from Mum and Dad’s care straight away, and now needs an emergency or short-term place to stay where she will be safe, and well cared for


Paul and Sally are not the only ones who need to find a home.  These vulnerable children and young people need caregivers who:

  • Will stay calm through the difficult times
  • Are resilient, compassionate and have a lot of common sense
  • Are energetic, committed and resourceful
  • Are able to work as part of a team
  • Are willing to receive on-going specialised training, supervision and support
  • Have supportive family and social networks


Does this sound like you?  Training and more information are available.  Call Viv Cleaver on 04 9171145 or Nuala O’Connor on 04 917 1123 to discuss what is involved.  Alternatively, email Viv on or Nuala on  There is also more information online at www.cyf.govt.