Expression of Interest: Missional opportunities in and Rolleston and Parish of Woolston, Diocese of Christchurch

From: Bishop Peter Carrell

I seek expressions of interest for two different, challenging but potentially very rewarding missional opportunities. In each case I seek an “expression of interest” so that a conversation might take place, with no strings attached, in order to ensure that an appropriate person is appointed, with the appointee fully understanding through conversation the scope of the task ahead.

Missional opportunity (1): Parish of Woolston
An Anglican priest is sought with ability to encourage and enable missional outreach and church growth in the context of a currently small but committed congregation which anchors its mission in faithful preaching of the Word and regular celebration of the Sacraments, according to liturgies of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia. A small stipend and allowances packages is payable but the opportunity for growth includes the possibility that this package can increase in the future.

Missional opportunity (2): Rolleston
Working within the Parish of Lincoln to develop a strong Anglican church for Rolleston, one of the fastest growing satellite urban areas in NZ. For several decades there has been an ecumenical church in Rolleston, with the Anglican contribution to this church overseen by the Vicar and Vestry of the Parish of Lincoln. An opportunity is emerging for a distinctively Anglican church to be planted in Rolleston and for the eventual establishment of “the Parish of Rolleston”, separate from the parent Parish of Lincoln. A missioner, lay or ordained—even a small team of missioners—is sought. A pioneer spirit, church planting aptitude and a vision for a growing church is essential; along with a commitment to the Anglican character—through ministry of Word and Sacrament—in tune with the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia. Very little in the way of stipend and allowances is payable in the first instance. This opportunity would definitely suit a “tent-maker.”

If either or both opportunities strike a chord in your heart, please contact Bishop Peter via , as soon as possible.