Pope’s Astronomer to discuss science and faith at Wellington event

Brother Guy Consolmagno SJ, known as “The Pope’s Astronomer,” is touring New Zealand by invitation of the Catholic Enquiry Centre, and is to be hosted by the Catholic Archbishop of Wellington, His Eminence John Cardinal Dew DD for a lunch at Te Papa.  The Catholic Enquiry Centre has extended an invitation for anyone who wishes to attend this lunch to register at the website here.  Here are the event details:

Lunch with Brother Guy Consolmagno SJ, Director of the Vatican Observatory; hosted by His Eminence John Cardinal Dew DD, Catholic Archbishop of Wellington.
7th of May, 2019, 12pm – 2pm
Oceania Room, Te Papa, Wellington
Cost: $115

Download the flyer here

Br Guy to speak at second Wellington event – free of charge:

Catholic Discovery is sponsoring Br Guy to give a talk at St Anne’s Church Hall in Newtown, Wellington, on the 8th of May from 1pm to 4pm.  The event is entitled “Look up to the skies for answers: how science and religion work together.”

There is no cost to this event, but RSVPs are required.  Please email Mary-Ann Greaney at the Catholic Centre in Wellington on m.greaney@wn.catholic.org.nz by tomorrow, the 3rd of May, to secure your place.

More about Br Guy:

Known as “The Pope’s Astronomer,” Consolmagno was appointed by Pope Francis as Director of the Vatican Observatory in September 2015. He will visit Wellington as part of his nationwide tour with the Catholic Enquiry Centre.

Brother Guy is a leading scientist both inside and outside the Catholic Church. Consolmagno obtained his S.B. (1974) and S.M. (1975) degrees at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his PhD (1978) at the University of Arizona’s Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, all in planetary science.

After postdoctoral research and teaching at Harvard College Observatory and MIT, in 1983 he joined the US Peace Corps to serve in Kenya for two years, teaching astronomy and physics.

In 1989 he entered the Society of Jesus and took vows as a brother in 1991. On entry into the order, he was assigned as astronomer to the prestigious Vatican Space Observatory, where he also serves as curator of the Vatican Meteorite collection, a position he has since held. During 1996, he took part in the Antarctic Search for Meteorites, ANSMET, where he discovered a number of meteorites on the ice fields of Antarctica.

Brother Guy is looking forward to visiting New Zealand, having an appreciation for our commitment to Astronomy, our position as the gateway to Antarctica and for the scenery of Lord of the Rings.

Br Guy will address the Cardinal’s Lunch on Science and Faith and how the two work well together rather than as competing ideologies.

Consolmagno’s research has focused on the smallest but no less important bodies in our solar system and his work at the Vatican has allowed him to make significant contributions to this field over the past several decades. Consolmagno has written and co-authored numerous publications as well as giving talks across the globe. In 2014, he was awarded the Carl Sagan Medal by the American Astronomical Society for outstanding communication of planetary science to the public and has an asteroid named in his honour.

You can follow Consolmagno’s thoughts on work and life at the Vatican Observatory by reading his blog, following him on Twitter, and watching his TEDx talk.

Consolmagno will be speaking at two other Catholic Business Network events in Christchurch and Dunedin, sharing his expertise and insights with leading members of business and industry. He will also be touring New Zealand presenting at Schools, Universities, Diocesan events and Churches, starting with a visit to the Mt John Observatory at Lake Tekapo.