Exploring emerging adulthood: Venn Foundation Conversation Evening

The Venn Foundation is to ponder the unique challenges that emerging adulthood poses to Christian faith, in their next Venn Conversation Evening, to be hosted at Blueprint Church in Wellington.  The event will include guest speaker Sam Bloore, and will occur on Tuesday the 29th of April from 7pm until 9pm.

Almost 20 years ago, sociologist Jeffrey Jensen Arnett identified a new life stage that changed the way we view our 20s. He called it Emerging Adulthood and identified 5 key features that mark the stage: Identity exploration, Instability, Self-focus, Feeling in-between, and Possibilities/Optimism. While Arnett does not describe them as problems to be solved, Christian commentators are beginning to wonder whether those features present some unique challenges to faith at this time of life.

Attendees are welcome to gather together for drinks and nibbles as Sam Bloore takes us on a tour of emerging adulthood and explores how we might navigate this life stage well, or help others to do the same.  To register, click here to secure your place.