Acts of the Bishop – March 2019


Parish of Newlands-Paparangi held at St Michael’s and All Angels, Newlands – 24 March 2019 by Bishop Eleanor

Amanda Grace Stone

Bishop’s Licence for the Office of Priest Assistant

Parish of St Matthew’s, Masterton

The Reverend Stephen James Thomson (Steve), CertAg, CertFarmMgmt, CA, EfM – 17 March 2019

Bishop’s Licence for the Office of Priest Associate

Parish of Kapiti – With Responsibility for Children and Families  

The Reverend Fiona Ann Thomson, NZDipChrisStuds – 17 March 2019

Bishop’s Letter of Authority

Associate Chaplain at Victoria University of Wellington

The Reverend Meredith Māmari Havelund Stephens (Māmari), BA (Hons), LLB (Hons), MA – 3 March 2019

Conduct Christian Worship Services, Preach and Distribute Holy Communion at St George’s School, Whanganui

Julie Gifkins – 19 March 2019


Parish of St Matthew’s, Palmerston North at St Matthew’s, Palmerston North – 18 March 2019

Install a wall-mounted mosaic cross on the wall of the Chapel