Christchurch shooting: Bishop Eleanor and small group goes to Islamic centre in solidarity

Bishop Eleanor and Fr Ron Bennett, Christian co-chair of the Abrahamic Faiths Council of Wellington led a small group of church representatives to the HQ of FIANZ at Kilbirnie mosque tonight.

We offered condolences and prayed together.

In response, Sultan Eusoff, the Chief Executive of the Federation of Islamic associations of New Zealand told us: “We want to thank you all for your prayers and coming here today. It’s important we stay together at this time of sadness.  It’s good to know we have friends supporting us in all of this.  By and large New Zealanders of all walks of life have shared their lives with us and we live happily together.  Most importantly we must remain united and are glad of people of other faith groups coming together with us and praying for us, which brings us great solace and comfort at this time. ”

There are about 5,000 Muslims in Christchurch, and about 7,000 in the Wellington region.