Event Recap: What’s So Amazing About Anglicanism?

Event Recap: What’s So Amazing About Anglicanism?

So—What is so amazing about Anglicanism?  The answer, revealed at this past weekend’s Diocesan event, was the people.  The people of Anglicanism, who throughout time have chosen to wrap their faith in scripture, liturgy and seeking God’s justice, have shaped the Anglican movement.

Whats so amazing photo 2The two-day event began with an interactive day of teaching and exploration on the Saturday. Then, on Sunday, we experienced a special Cathedral Eucharist service.

On Saturday, over 100 people joined together at the Wellington Cathedral of St Paul.  They shared in the ancient rites of worship through morning and evening prayers.  There, Bishop Gabriel Sharma described his journey from Hinduism to Christianity, finding a home with the Anglican Church in Fiji and New Zealand.  Also Tony Hill, our Chancellor in this Diocese, shared his story of belonging to the Anglican Church as an expression of his life commitment to Christ, not just in worship, but in action.  Saturday’s attendees enjoyed sharing and exploring what we love about being Anglican through informative activities.  Attendees also appreciated hearing and experiencing the diversity of Anglican thought.

Whats so amazing photo 3Reverend Canon Deborah Broome’s notes on the Timeline exercise are available below.

Anglican Timeline notes

On Sunday, we gathered again in the Cathedral for an inspiring worship service.  St Hilda’s in Island Bay brought their entire congregation for the morning.  Dean Digby Wilkinson explained the purpose of each element of the Eucharistic liturgy.

Our thanks go to the Cathedral who hosted us so warmly, to Archdeacon Wendy Scott and Canon Deborah Broome who organised the event and to Bishop Justin who led such a rich weekend.