Surprising Story from Bible Society arrives in time for Easter

Surprising Story from Bible Society arrives in time for Easter

This Easter, Bible Society is giving away 85,000 copies of The Seriously Surprising Story, the next booklet in their popular children’s series, endorsed by both Bishop Eleanor Sanderson and her 11 year-old son Zac.

The Seriously Surprising Story is a beautifully fresh way of sharing the Easter message,” said Bishop Eleanor, while Zac gave the book nine out of 10!

Bishop Ellie goes on to say, “The narrative weaves together the big saving story of our God with the joy of a close friendship with Jesus and does so with light and beauty. The illustrations give children so much to explore and are a wonderful prompt for conversations together.”

And Zac comments, “I thought it was a great book and really understandable for children. I would recommend it to others, because it’s very cool. I thought the pictures were really good and tell the story themselves.”

Following on the tails of The Well Good News of Christmas and The Super Cool Story of Jesus, these three little books will have reached 285,000 Kiwi kids nationwide by the middle of this year.

The Seriously Surprising Story draws children into the biblical story of Easter as they walk in the footsteps of Jesus’ followers on the road to Emmaus.  There, they encounter a stranger, and talk to him about events in Jersusalem. Just as the disciples were surprised, so children are too when they learn the stranger is Jesus himself!

Acclaimed New Zealand Children’s author Joy Cowley described The Seriously Surprising Story as “a lovely little book. It’s warm, it’s happy, it’s the Good News!”

“The positive message with the rhythmic text and lively illustrations, make it a perfect book for young children. It’s also good news for the child in adults like me,” she said.

Bible Society’s latest campaign is only possible, once again, thanks to the generosity of its supporters. Making the Bible accessible and encouraging interaction with it is Bible Society’s mission.

The Seriously Surprising Story is available online at Individuals can order up to 5 copies at time, while churches can place bulk orders of up to 200 copies for their Easter activities. Copies of the book are also available at some Salvation Army Family Stores.

In addition, there is a poster and an animated version of the book, both available on the website. Other Bible Society Easter resources are also available.