Youth invades Petone for The Games

Youth invades Petone for The Games

On Sunday the 3rd of March, the Petone Rugby Grounds in Lower Hutt was invaded by 300 youth and another 60 youth leaders and volunteers for the annual AYM Games, a Top Town-style event that is held at the beginning of the year before Easter Camp.

The Games is a great opportunity for intermediate and high school-aged ministries to get together and forge new relationships, through competing in games that challenge both the body and the mind. We had games ranging from human ten pin bowling, to tug-o-war, to Scattegories and an engineering challenge where youth groups tried to build the biggest structure possible out of blu-tac and wooden skewers.

Our Wairarapa youth groups had a surge in numbers and were able to form two teams, whereas our Cathedral, St Aidan’s Miramar and All Saints Hataitai whānau banded together to build connections and form a combined team.

After an intense battle over nine different games that lasted one and a half hours, the following results were reached:

Team Spirit: St Aidan’s / Avalanche Youth (All Saints Hataitai) / Cathedral Youth team won the award for Team Spirit. Always playing hard and fair and keeping in good spirits throughout the day.

Team Costume: Naenae. The crew from Naenae where easy to spot with every single person in their team adorned in purple and travelling together as one between the various challenges.

Points Winners: Cannons Creek – The battle for first and second was intense, with 5 teams tied for second place and with first place winning a single point. Cannon’s Creek are this years points winner!!

Join us next year for the 2020 incarnation of The Games!