Diocesan Council Summary for February 2019

The work of Diocesan Council continues, and at our December and February meetings we rejoiced at all God has been doing in our midst – throughout last year and even over the summer break when most of us put our feet up, we are grateful for all we see of the Spirit at work.

One part of the Council’s work is the appointment of people to the Boards of Diocesan schools and other organisations connected to the Diocese. We are grateful to have been able to approve the appointment of Peter Dowell, David Chinn and Richard Blundell to the Wellesley College Board, the appointment of Mary Gilchrist to the Wellington City Mission Board, and the appointment of Kathy Lloyd-Parker to the Diocesan Board of Trustees.

This last appointment is a cause of great joy, as it sees Kathy, Principal of Chilton Saint James, one of our church schools, stepping up to serve the wider Diocese. It is great to see our connection with our church schools growing and strengthening, thanks in part to the work of Reverend Canon Sue Fordyce in building these relationships, and our Bishops in their commitment to being present in each school for a day.

These connections are also strengthened by the sharing of our physical resources, and the Council were glad to approve of the transfer of St Laurence’s Church, Aramoho, Whanganui to Chilton Saint James for use as a school chapel.

Please note that we are always looking for people with a strong faith and the requisite skillset to serve on our various boards – if you have people to recommend, please speak to Nick Young, our Diocesan Manager.

Diocesan Council noted the courageous decision made by Avalon parish to move their mission unit to lie fallow.  A final service was held with Bishop Eleanor on February 17th, with mention given in the recent Bishops’ Letter that God’s faithful people there are praying for the ‘spring yet to come’.

We welcomed Matt Crawshaw to the table in February. Matt has joined Nick Young to provide support and resource to several key projects that the Diocesan team have underway. This includes work on new health and safety systems and procedures – ranging from mental health and wellbeing, to Asbestos surveying, and also work on reviewing Trusts and Canons for Synod.  Also on the go from the Diocesan team is a revised Schedule A – those of you tasked with that administrative duty will welcome a simplified form this year!

Diocesan Council agendas vary, but the one constant in every meeting are the notes of thanks for those who serve the Diocesan family well in so many ways, and the pausing to seek God’s wisdom on the challenges and opportunities before us each month.  Please join us in upholding in prayer the work of God’s church in our Diocese, that together we will keep seeking to welcome and be agents of God’s kingdom work.