Council of Wellington Churches seeks new Chairperson

From: The Secretary of the Council of Wellington Churches, Robyn Radomski

Dear Friends,

I am writing this on behalf of the Council of Wellington Churches, as we are needing a new Chairperson.

Many of you will know that late last year our Chairman Gordon Copeland passed away quite suddenly. What a fantastic man Gordon was, a great example and testimony for the Christian faith, He will be sadly missed by many, and as he was our Chairman, he has left a huge gap which now needs filling.

The Council of Wellington Churches has been going since the nineteen fifties, over the years  many fantastic people have been part of this Ministry, working hard to maintain and promote Christianity in our greater Wellington region.

On the committee today there are representatives from churches across the city and greater Wellington area.

One of the visions of the Council of Wellington Churches is to promote maintain and encourage unity and dialogue.  The Council also has worked  hard over the years to develop and support major Christian festivals,  eg the Sonrise service on Easter Sunday, Carols in Parliament, ANZAC services.  A great achievement of the Council is the development and maintenance of the Crosses on Mt.Victoria,

Our committee is now in need of a Chairperson. We are seeking help for this with the wider church in the greater Wellington area.

Please can you spread the word pray and support us with this valuable Ministry.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

With kind regards


You can email Robyn here, or phone her on 027 201 8766.