Preaching on Kingdom authority leads to healings, church growth in Silverstream

Preaching on Kingdom authority leads to healings, church growth in Silverstream

By: Rev James Coleman, co-Priest in Charge, Parish of Silverstream

The Sunday after New Wine, I preached summing up Bruce Collin’s teaching on the Kingdom of God and our authority.

God challenged me to demonstrate what I had been saying so I gave a word of knowledge for someone with a sore knee. A woman, whose name I did not know responded. She bravely came up the front and let me minister healing to her knee in front of everyone. The congregation held out their hands and prayed too.

After the first go, I checked in with her using the 0-to-10 scale that Bruce had used, and she said that she was at a two or three. We did it again and this time she said it was at a five. The band then came up, and a prayer team member and I continued to pray for her. By the end of the song she gave a testimony that all the pain had gone.

Next week we learned that she had told her friends that the healing had made a huge difference in her life. Some of her friends came to church the following week because of her testimony and now want to join the church.

Additionally, two children, a ten-year-old boy and an eleven-year-old girl, received words and spoke them out in front of the congregation. The ten-year-old boy and I then prayed for a woman who responded to the word (relating to sore ankles). She was healed and gave a testimony.

A mother went home and fetched her son who had a sore shoulder from rowing and brought him back to the church. The eleven-year-old girl who had received the word (relating to a sore shoulder) laid her hand on his shoulder, prayed a few words and he was instantly healed. He is giving a testimony this week.

The next week, my wife Julia received the word “sore elbow.”  A Chinese woman responded who had been praying before church that there would be a word of knowledge for that condition this week, as she had had prayer for it generally before but to no effect. This time she was healed after the first or second round of prayer ministry and gave a testimony.

A man with a long standing elbow issue responded too. He said he needed to check with some heavy lifting at home to know whether it was properly healed. He reported back several days later that it was fine. He could do the heavy lifting without pain.

Praise God – thank you to our Silverstream parish whānau for exercising their faith and their God-given authority, and to James for sharing this testimony.  If you or your church has a testimony of healing, or any other testimony relating to the amazing things that God is doing in your midst, we would love to share them with our whole movement.  Please email the editor, Duncan, on – you can write your own story or work with Duncan who can provide assistance.