Abrahamic Council to resume interfaith dialogue group

The Wellington Abrahamic Council is again sponsoring a series of evening meetings to help foster understanding and friendship between people from the three Abrahamic faith traditions in Wellington.

For the last two years a group met monthly to reflect together on a theme expressed in a selected passage from the sacred scriptures of each of the three Abrahamic faiths. During the meetings each of us listens to the other participants sharing their understanding of the selected scripture from their faith, in turn sharing our understanding of the scriptures from our own faith.  Participants last year found the experience enriching and were keen to continue in 2019.

The group’s shared aim is to understand more of the perspectives of the other Abrahamic faiths and, in this light, to understand more deeply our own faith. From this we hope to better recognize our shared understandings and values and appreciate positively our differences as faiths that come from Abraham, our father in faith.

The evenings will again use “Scriptural Reasoning”, a tool for interfaith dialogue developed by the Cambridge University Interfaith Programme and now widely used in a number of countries. We will use the guidelines and textpack, available at their website.

The theme for the first evening is Scriptures. The three texts are attached here. Taken together theses texts can raise significant questions about the nature and purpose of sacred scriptures in our faiths.

The evening will be held at 7:30pm on Tuesday the 26th of February, and then monthly thereafter.  The venue is Nick and Linda Polaschek’s home, 12 Everest Street, Khandallah, Wellington.  Please RSVP for this first event by emailing them on nandlpolaschek@gmail.com or calling Nick on 021 479 956.