New Wine: Still the best way to start the year!

New Wine: Still the best way to start the year!

Several hundred Anglicans from across our movement gathered together in a village of tents this past Anniversary Weekend, to worship God together at New Wine – our diocesan family camp. And heaps of our people were involved boots and all in the running of the festival – in all the zones, our people were leading, serving, ministering, and preaching.

Bishop Justin cut to the chase in the adults’ zone preaching about the true cost of picking up one’s cross (not picking up one’s pillow!) and Rev Mark Johnson, Priest in Charge of our Wellington South Parish, encouraged us to check where we have dug our wells, or in other words, are we getting our life from our own achievements or ego, or are we getting our life from Jesus alone?

Healing was a big theme in the teaching of Bruce Collins, an English preacher who got back to basics and encouraged us to remember that as Jesus did, so will we.  He reminded us of our authority in Christ to heal (as opposed to asking the Father to do it), and allowed ministry time for those needing healing to come forward.  Many received healing on the spot, some received healing throughout the festival, and more had their faith increased by seeing the healing of others, to believe that their healing is on the way.  The ministry of healing was a theme across the zones – with healings occurring in Firewire, and prayer for healing occurring in the children’s zone as well.

Others were moved by the teaching on the history of our unique Treaty of Waitangi covenant relationship, and how that was grounded in the faith of members of the Clapham Sect, and the new faith of Māori who had received the Gospel from early missionaries arriving in Aotearoa.  Still others were moved by the free time – which enabled parish families to hang out together, go to the beach, and get to know each other. As always, New Wine grants us the chance to knit ourselves together more closely, to look after each other, and to laugh together.

Take a look at some of the photos on Facebook to see some of the fantastic moments from the festival.