Carol singers bring hope to the hospitalised

From Ross Scott, Chaplain to Wellington and Wakefield Hospitals

Recently at our chaplains’ meeting, we reviewed the carol singing on Christmas Eve.  The feedback from patients and staff has been enthusiastic and positive.  Last week I met a patient who has just been readmitted, she was in tears as she recounted what it meant for her to hear carols being sung when she was in hospital on Christmas Eve.

As chaplains we say thank you.  We are humbled that close to 100 people gave up two hours on Christmas Eve to come and sing to people they do not know and in most cases did not see. What impressed us more was that many did not come from a Christian backgrounds, for some the carols were new.  On the night some talked about how emotional they were to be part of giving hope and comfort to patients and that what you did was important for you as you found meaning for the season.

This annual tradition is to bring hope, not only to patients but for us as a society. Compassion and generosity are not lost, they are alive and healthy.

Thank you,
The Chaplaincy Team, Wellington Regional Hospital.