New church and housing units for Levin

New church and housing units for Levin

Our Levin parish whānau have made some positive decisions about the future of their main site in the centre of Levin.  On Sunday the 9th of December, the parish held a special general meeting and agreed to demolish the earthquake-prone St Mary’s Church and adjacent vicarage, and develop a fit-for-purpose, modern worship and ministry space, and potentially up to twelve housing units on the site.

The housing units, whilst still in concept stage, could be designed as one- and two-bedroom units.  The Bishop’s Warden Steve Fowler, tells us that there is strong demand for such units close to the centre of Levin, so that residents can access amenities within walking distance, given the lack of adequate public transport in the town.

Over time, the parish hopes that the housing units will form part of their ministry to those in great need in the town.  Representatives of the parish visited the social housing units being constructed in Naenae, Lower Hutt, earlier this year and were impressed with what they saw.

“This is an exciting time for us,” said Mr Fowler. “It is a brave and forward-looking set of decisions, albeit not without a degree of heartache amongst those who have a long association with the church. Some of those involved in the decision were baptised there, confirmed there, married there and have worshipped there for decades. Parishioners young and old are determined to play a part in ensuring that the good news of the Gospel message will continue to be shared and lives transformed by it long into the future. It will be great to have facilities truly fit for purpose in the twenty-first century.”

Following Sunday’s meeting, the parish Vestry will develop costed proposals and seek diocesan approval, and return to the parish for approval in due course.

Photo: Steve Fowler, Bishop’s Warden in the Parish of Levin (L) with Rev Henry Resink, interim Priest in Charge; outside St Mary’s Church.