Towards zero-waste at Thanksgiving and Ordination

Towards zero-waste at Thanksgiving and Ordination

In September, our Synod passed a motion that encourages us to (among other things) plan events to be as close to zero-waste as possible.  Here’s how we’re aiming to do that at the Thanksgiving and Ordination on the 17th of November, and how you can help.

Recycling and compost bins:

Look out for the colour-coded buckets around the Cathedral (like this one) during the thanksgiving part of the event.  There will be numerous colours, for recyclable items, food waste, and general waste.  Please take care to use the correct bins so that we can direct waste to the best possible place.  Food waste will be enjoyed by the chickens of various Anglican Centre staff, or composted in the new compost bin being shared by the Cathedral, Bishopscourt, the Anglican Centre and the Cathedral.

Disposable cutlery and plates:

We won’t be providing any for the the shared banquet table.  If you’d like to bring food to share at the banquet table, please make it finger food.

Coffee cups:

We all know disposable coffee cups are a waste reduction nightmare – so unless we really have to, we won’t be using disposable coffee cups.  Instead, you’ll be offered the option of a reusable cup which you can return to be washed, or you can purchase one of our sleek new Anglican Movement reusable coffee cups – which are yours to keep.  These will be on sale at the coffee machine for $7, or $10 including your first coffee.  These cups are BPA free and nearly 100% recyclable – though we expect you’ll want to use them over and over again!

We look forward to seeing you there… and to keeping our waste way down!