Homes for those who can least afford them

Homes for those who can least afford them

By: the team at St David’s Naenae

An exciting initiative

It’s no secret that New Zealand is experiencing its biggest housing crisis ever. House prices have gone through the roof, rents are following a similar line. There is a chronic shortage of housing and much of the stock available is in poor condition. Many landlords are selling up – cashing in on the rise in values, leaving tenants facing uncertain futures.  We’ve been acutely aware of this at St David’s in Naenae, as we frequently get requests from people desperate for housing.

Last year the church next to St David’s decided to sell up. We recognised the opportunity to create more, much-needed housing.  Realising that the project was bigger than our parish could sustain, we set up the independent Koinonia Community Housing Trust to buy the property and develop it. Resource consent has been granted to build five units – two 2-bedroom and three 1-bedroom units on the land. We are close to securing building consent and hope to begin before the year’s end.

Imagine that! Five dry, warm and affordable new houses for people on low incomes who are struggling to find and retain suitable accommodation. Plus the opportunity to live in a supportive community environment.

Financing the project

To achieve our vision, we are looking for financial partners who believe in the cause and are willing to contribute to making it a reality.

Our projected budget is $1,100,000. We have some seed funding to begin the project but we are trusting God that others will be excited about the vision and get on board. And while Naenae is our first project, our vision is to undertake similar projects around the Wellington region.

Would you consider becoming a financial partner? Whatever you are able to give (small or large) could go a long way to making this vision a reality.  If you’d like to contribute or talk to one of us about it, please contact:

Note: all gifts are tax deductible.

Our bank account details are: Kiwibank 38 9019 0722514 00