Diocesan Council report, September/October 2018

by: David McLay, Diocesan Council member

Diocesan Council held meetings on 12 September and 2 October.  As Synod was on 22 and 23 September, both meetings focused on Synod, as discussed below.

The September meeting noted that the Team Training Day held at Marsden College on Saturday 8 September had been very successful with attendance from a large number of mission units.  Some key aspects were the large number of workshops as well as the keynote addresses by the Bishops, as already reported on Movement Online.

The feedback from Synod was carefully considered at the October meeting.  The different venue was successful and DC appreciated the extra effort involved for Belmont Archdeaconry in hosting Synod and the contribution of Chilton St James School.  The purposes of Synod in encouraging leaders and of doing important business in an intentionally collaborative manner seem to be being achieved.

DC had a fulsome discussion about the finances of the Diocese, including the 2020 budget process framed by a paper from Nick Young correlating expenditures to the Mission, Vision and Values of the Diocese.  It is important, in the view of DC, that discussions about finances do take place, and so please expect to hear more on this topic.

A working group reported on proposals for a new Schedule A for reporting by mission units.  DC believes that the key principles are that the Schedule A Return should focus on important priorities, be simple, be useful, and assist with future Service Performance reporting (to be required by the charities regulator).

DC members will go with the Bishops and Archdeacons to Rātana for the centennial celebrations of the Rātana Church on 7 November 2018.