Towards less waste: hotspot presentation and waste reduction motion

Towards less waste: hotspot presentation and waste reduction motion

The good work of many to reduce our waste was celebrated at Synod, as a motion was proposed that not only commended such work but sought to redouble our efforts to reduce our waste, and therefore our carbon footprint.

Archdeacon Gendy Thomson and Rev Tim McKenzie proposed the motion, and spoke of the poor track record that we have as a nation.  Our waste production levels are some of the worst in the OECD, yet Tim shared of the benefits that can come from launching waste reduction initiatives in his parish.  Because of his parish’s involvement in the local community group, there has been increased fundraising for the group and even some members expressing a desire to come to church.  “We shouldn’t see the five marks of mission as independent things – they’re interconnected.  Care of creation is not independent of proclaiming the Gospel.  We’re called to bring hope and redemption to God’s creatures as well!” Tim told us.

The motion not only celebrated the existing work, including the planting of 5,000 trees in Newlands-Paparangi Parish, the holding of a Sustainable Fashion Show at the Cathedral, and the efforts of the Palmerston North cluster to make Team Training Day as waste-free as possible; but also encouraged us to do more.  Parishes were encouraged to appoint a Climate Catalyst, and the whole diocesan family was encouraged to make a difference through education, advocacy, better purchasing decisions, and the planning of diocesan events to be zero-waste.

The motion was carried.  A hotspot presentation was also made at the time, featuring Archdeacon Gendy Thomson, about efforts to reduce waste in her community.  You can view that here:

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