Synod News in Brief

Synod News in Brief

Diocesan Priorities for 2019

Synod adopted the following motion relating to our priorities for next year:

THAT this Synod adopts

  1. Climate Care
  2. Housing
  3. Leaning In As Family

As the three prioritised topics for the diocese, and requests that they be a prime consideration in decisions relating to   the resourcing and activity of the diocese for the following 12 months.

Diocesan Council report – Motion 5

A motion was passed accepting the Diocesan Council’s report, which can be read on page 40 of the Programme of Business Book.  In the report, Bishop Justin highlights the role of the Council, some of the organisations that the Council has interaction with, and the work of the Council to manage the ongoing business of the diocese, in alignment with our vision, mission and values.

Nominations Panel Report – Motion 6

Synod accepted the Nominations Panel report, the group established by Canon to maintain a resource pool of people who can be put forward for the various councils, offices, boards and other agencies of the Diocese.  Their report can be read on page 43 of the Programme of Business Book.

Omnibus Canon – Motion 7

A number of small wording changes to various Canons were accepted, via one motion proposed by Rev Canon Sue Fordyce and Michael Webster of the Diocesan Council.  They covered:

  • Changing allocation of the income from the Whanganui Church Acre, given the amalgamation of the mission units previously mentioned, to form the Mission Unit of Whanganui.
  • Petrol allowance for attendance at Synod to now cover Pioneer Mission Units, consistent with their status in the Pioneer Mission Units Canon.
  • Clearing up an inconsistency in the way the maximum number of people that can be elected to Vestry is described.
  • Allowance for the Bishop to licence a clergyperson to the office of Deacon in Charge for a mission unit.

Motions from General Synod / Te Hīnota Whānui

Several motions were proposed by our General Synod representatives as statutes that were passed at this year’s General Synod, that were required to be presented to each diocesan Synod.

  • Motion 10 provided for the retention of original Collect endings plus the addition of some alternative endings, and their te Reo Māori translations, as approved options in A New Zealand Prayer Book He Karakia Mihinare o Aotearoa.  This motion was carried.
  • Motion 11 sought to change the approved forms for ordering the Eucharist to only allow those Great Thanksgivings that had been approved by General Synod / Te Hīnota Whānui, which would remove the ability to use forms from other provinces in the Anglican Communion.  There was a concern that ethnic fellowships such as the Anglican Chinese Mission would then be infringing this statute by using Mandarin translations of approved forms, however Bishop Justin confirmed that they would still be able to use forms approved for local use by the Bishop.  Concern was also raised that we would lose the enrichment of liturgical treasures from around our Communion, and that it would restrict the creativity of ministers.  The motion was lost.
  • Motion 12 sought to grant assent to a General Synod statute that added a te Reo translation of Part G, Clause 2 of the Constitution / te Pouhere to the same.  The motion was carried.
  • Motion 13 sought to clarify references in A New Zealand Prayer Book He Karakia Mihinare o Aotearoa relating to Te Paipera Tapu – the Bible translated into Māori – so that it included later editions of the Bible Society’s translation, namely their 2012 edition, as an approved translation for authorised use in this Church.  The motion passed.
  • Motion 14 proposed that the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (from Ascension to Pentecost) be recognised in the Church calendar.  This motion was supported as a way of connecting our commitment to pray in the lead-up to Pentecost with the worldwide Thy Kingdom Come prayer initiative, founded by the Archbishop of Canterbury.  The motion passed.
  • Motion 15 proposed to update the “Declaration of Adherence and Submission to the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia” in the Constitution / te Pouhere in light of the passing of General Synod Motion 7 – the motion to allow structures to safeguard both theological convictions on the blessing of same sex relationships. The motion passed.

Mission Unit requirement to audit accounts – Motion 17

With the escalating cost of audits, the Finance Committee recommended to Diocesan Council that the requirement for mission units to audit their accounts be replaced with a less expensive option that still provided an adequate level of assurance for mission units.  Amendments were proposed to the Diocesan Mission Units Canon and the Diocesan Finance Canon that would allow Diocesan Council to create an Agreed-Upon Procedure (AUP) for financial assurance, in which a Diocesan-appointed AUP checker would undertake checks of a mission unit’s accounts to ensure that they give an accurate picture of the mission unit’s financial realities, that there has been no theft or fraud, and that all legal obligations, such as the filing of GST returns, have been met.  The motion was passed.

Finance Committee presentation – Motion 18

The Finance Committee presented their report, including the accounts of the General Diocesan Fund, and the proposed budget for 2019 for the same.  In 2017, the Fund made an operating deficit of $32,925, which compared to a 2016 operating deficit of $32,486.  The report was accepted, and the budget approved.

Vote of thanks and Synod 2019

Synod acknowledged the hard work of everyone who had contributed in some way to making Synod a success, particularly the members of the Belmont Archdeaconry who had so ably hosted the diocese in their community, showing us glimpses of the mission and ministry of the Church in their context.  Synod approved the location of next year’s Synod as being in the Parish of Ruapehu, in the Archdeaconry of Whanganui.

Lost property

Only one item was left unclaimed at Synod: a black turtle neck merino sweater, sized medium.  Please email Karen on or phone 04 472 1057 to claim.

Pre-Synod Video

If you attended the Pre-Synod Regional Meetings and wanted to see the video or the bishops’ talk that Gendy filmed on her phone, you can watch it here:

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