Sustainable kids’ costumes send clear messages

Sustainable kids’ costumes send clear messages

Wellington Cathedral of St Paul ran its third Sustainable Fashion Show for children recently, and according to the Cathedral Events Manager, Richard Apperley, it was a “huge success.”

The show encourages school-age children to create outfits from recycled material – but more than that, they are encouraged to research environmental issues and imbibe their pieces of art with a message about care for creation.  “It had a huge impact on the participants,” Richard tells us, “by giving them a voice on environmental issues, but also giving them confidence to walk down the catwalk and speak to the audience about their creations.”

The children who participated impressed the audience with their background knowledge.  “They had really done their research!” Richard says.  “The audience loved it, they really did!”  Among the crowd were many seasoned Cathedral parishioners, and Richard sees this as an opportunity for intergenerational collaboration in the future.

In its third year, it became apparent to Richard just how strong the relationships are becoming amongst the children of the diocese. “You could see the kids reconnecting with each other – not just after last year’s show and the one before, but after Ministry Leaders’ Family Camp, New Wine Festival, and other diocesan events where these children have been building relationships with one another.”

The entire audience got involved too, with a giant thank you card to the Prime Minister, expressing gratitude for the Government’s recent announcement of a ban on single-use plastic bags.  “It was left in the Prayer Ambulance outside the Cathedral and the end, it was covered in signatures!”  The icing on the cake was the collection of about $400 for the event’s chosen charity, Sustainable Coastlines.

You can see all the photos from the event at the Cathedral’s Facebook page, here.